Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upper West Side, 83rd Street at Central Park West

Mary Sargent © 2009 ………………….…………… ……..…………….. click to enlarge

Looking to the east there, at Central Park West, we see a slab of Manhattan schist, pronounced just as it's spelled, to rhyme with list.  To schist we owe our skyscrapers, because that's the foundation they stand on, and to schist we owe (when we take the time to acknowlege it) our connection with the real world.  That is, the world that would be here without us.  And was here before us. 

Well, I admit I watched the State of the Union address with a bottle of really good pinot noir, and so I'm perhaps a little more out there than usual.  Good speech, right?  I do like a good speech.

Here's a link to Rock Trails in Central Park which has an introductory paragraph on how New Yorkers don't know compass directions, and advises us to think uptown and downtown instead.  Keep going, though, and you'll find a good geological guide to rocks in Central Park.

See map.


Tom said...

Good speech, yes. We already knew he could give a good speech. Isn't it time he get something good done?

Oh wait - this is a photo blog - nice shots of the crimson van a couple of days ago. How do they keep it so clean?

mary said...

You youngsters are so impatient.