Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inwood, Isham Park between 212th and Isham Streets

Mary Sargent © 2010 …………………….. click to enlarge

There's Broadway below and the steps leading down and a giant ginkgo tree.  I thought I was going to be talking about how big this tree is, but research shows that the ginkgo tree is, in fact, a large shade tree.  I've seen them mostly on city streets and they don't let them get that big, I guess.

Many things to know about the ginkgo.  Two of them are:  it is over 150 million years old with no close relatives, and it is a member, the only member, of the class Ginkgoopsida.  For the rest of them (things to know), go to Wikipedia.

Oh yes, and notice how the branches attach to the trunk, just kind of awkwardly stuck out straight.  That's how you can recognize the tree when the leaves are gone.

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Henry said...

I love these shots of leafless trees in the wintertime. Nice composition.