Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, 34th Street Between Eighth and Ninth Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2010 ……………..…………….. click to enlarge

An awfully pretty synagogue here on 34th Street.  It is the West Side Jewish Center.  I couldn't find out when it was built.  Its official site (above link) doesn't seem to know and Wikipedia's article is very short and fragmented.  Anyone?

But do go to Wikipedia to see its photograph of the synagogue from 2007, showing a huge movie poster for Angels and Demons on the side of the building.  Amusing, since the Vatican described the movie as "an offence against God."  Well, amusing to me, anyway.  The congregation was also okay with it and appreciated the extra income.

Looking at this photograph, it appears that the buildings next to it would cover the view of the side of the synagogue, but I have a wider view of it which shows that they are, in fact, back of the side of the building.  Believe it or not.  And you'll have to leave it there because I'm not going to drag that photo out and edit it and post it and copy it.  I know it's not that late, but I'm reforming.  Trying to.
3/21/10 - Rita kindly points out that Emporis tells us the Center was constructed in 1924.  Thank you!

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