Monday, April 05, 2010

Chelsea, 16th Street Between Sixth and Seventh Avenues

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Apologies for the skewed photograph.  It's the fault of the sun.  When I was in the best spot for shooting, the sun was shining over the building right into my camera.  Then when I moved up to get in the shade, I was too close.  If my goal was to shoot this building, I would go on a cloudy day or I would go in the morning or late afternoon, but since my goal was to shoot this walk on this day at the time I was taking it, you end up with a skewed photograph. 

This building was built in 1878 to house the New York House and School of Industry, an institution founded in 1851 to help destitute women by providing them with employment doing needlework.  It is supposedly the first in the city to be built in the Queen Anne Style, and it was landmarked in 1990.  Christopher Gray's 1987 column on this building is well worth reading for its explanation of why this is considered Queen Anne, anyway, and for the bit of history about charities in the 19th century.

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