Thursday, May 13, 2010

Midtown, 58th Street at Lexington Avenue

Mary Sargent © 2010 ………….… ………………….. click to enlarge

I ask you, does this store belong on a Manhattan street?  Right you are, it most certainly does not.  It's big and bright and clunky and has no design sense - just look at the name on the metal thing over the door.  It's just wrong.  And the colors aren't bad, but they aren't used well.  It's a store that wants to make an impact but doesn't want to pay for it.  It belongs out on a highway far, far away.

I admit I was a little excited the first time I walked into one of their stores.  A whole giant store devoted to containers!  I thought I would see interesting, clever and beautiful containers.  Containers that surprised.  Adorable containers.  Containers I couldn't live without.  Instead, what I saw was rows of metal shelving filled with very ordinary plastic boxes.

This is a big box store. 


Bald but Bearded Woeman said...

But your photo is great, and in it those green circles look like lots of fun, so The Container Store can't be all bad, right?

On another, totally irrelevant note (well, relevant to your site): Did you ever see the cute words "they" come up with for the Word Verification? This time, on my computer, at least, it's "honob." Sounds almost like a real word. And there is a new almost-real word each time one comments! An added bonus to going onto your blog, Ms. Sargent.

Surprise Ending said...

And those green circles look like a juggled balls (or circles) frozen in mid-air - another plus.

This time the word is "nombar." A good name for a bar. Or a bar of chocolate.