Monday, May 17, 2010

Midtown, 58th Street Between Lexington and Third Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2010 to enlarge

There.  Isn't this surprising and wonderful?  A curved, glassy courtyard.

Mary Sargent © 2010 to enlarge

While I was standing there photographing, an old lady approached me to talk about the building:  what is it, anyway, and isn't it surprising, and wonderful.  We were in agreement.  Then the talk shifted to politics, because I mentioned Bloomberg, as being somehow connected to the building (see sign).  She didn't approve of Bloomberg, but admired Giuliani and I respectfully disagreed.  Then she said, but that President!  I said Obama?  I love him.  You love him?  He hates everybody, he hates Catholics, he hates . . .  Then I accused her of listening to Fox News and then she said she listened to everything and stomped off.

Mary Sargent © 2010 to enlarge

I should have been more diplomatic.

Bloomberg was the major tenant the developers needed.  If you're interested in New York City development, go to The City Review for a pretty comprehensive outline with many photographs.  As I mentioned last posting, this courtyard is just a small piece of the project, which covers the whole block, yes, including the awful Container Store.  And by the way, the courtyard is a drive-through between 58th and 59th Streets.  Also, by the way, Le Cirque has relocated here, a restaurant where if you're well-known, you're fawned over and if you're unknown, you're treated as if you shouldn't be there, as Ruth Reichl, the new New York Times Restaurant critic in 1993, proved by going there before she was known.  Let's all boycott Le Cirque!


Bearded Woeman said...

Is that the old woman who loves Fox proproganda and hates Obama? Glad you shot her! So to speak. I am mean now (too little sleep, too much Bossman A-hole #1). Don't ask! Am I allowed to write "A-hole #1"? It's a bit coy, but that's me, too.

Bearded Woeman said...

I was all revved up to boycot Cirque du Soleil for that totally obnoxious faux-French-woman-speaking English voice on their tv ad, when I noticed you mentioned Le Cirque, not Cirque du Soleil, so I'm unrevving my way to actually look at your photos and not only the witicisms that you excel at (at which you excel). Whatever. And then, maybe off to sleepy-bye! I can't wait, but I have just get up in the a.m. - if I am lucky and don't die during the night, never can tell - and go to "teach" my little old class, and then back to work for the A-hole #1 (yes, it's still the Bearded Woeman, and since my previous comment I've added a hair or two). As you may surmise if you chose to spend any time at all on thinking about it - which choice you would be wise to not take - anyway, I've had too much nighttime cawfee and am running off.

Baldy said...

I've looked over what I just wrote and see many mistakes - in spelling, in putting in an extra, unneeded word....Sorry! (for myself, anyway). And now, for your photos.

Henry said...

I don't think my boycott of Cirque du Soleil will bother them a bit.