Monday, June 28, 2010

Lower East Side, Orchard Street at Delancey

After walking two blocks, I stopped to look at my watch - I mean, cell phone - and realized this photowalk was over.  The tour was starting soon, so I hustled over to, uh, Joe's Fabric Warehouse, and took one last photo.

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Even though it looks like these people are waiting to get into Joe's, they are actually waiting for a tour.  The Tenement Museum Gift Shop is back there somewhere, and the tours start and end here.

Luka and I went on the "Getting By" Tour which took us to two apartments:  the first restored to 1863, the second to the 1930's.  It was so good, so interesting. They've really done a good job.  Luka's father grew up on the Lower East Side, she thinks Rivington Street, so she has a special interest.  But you don't need a special interest to find this fascinating.  Please put this on your list before you forget about it.

Now, as to Joe's Fabric Warehouse, it opened in 1998. and according to The New York Times, was a harbinger of a new kind of Lower East Side.  If you'd like to see a copy of the real thing on Joe's website, complete with photos, but absent 2 other fabric stores, click here.

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