Monday, July 17, 2006

Murray Hill, 33rd Street Between Third and Second Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2006

Back to Midtown and the photos I shot last Thursday. Moving down the block, here's another red door belonging to PS 116. Remembering that green is the complement of red . . . Click to enlarge to see what I mean.

By the way, a wonderful site I came upon, trying to figure out what neighborhood Lafayette Street is in (I suffered a temporary real estate consciousness lapse, but was reminded by a good friend), is New York Song Lines, Virtual Walking Tours of Manhattan Streets. It didn't tell me the neighborhood, but it told me all about Lafayette Street, block by block.


luka said...

I'm really impressed with the vibrant colors in most of these photos. Who knew we were living in such a colorful town--you'd think it was San Francisco or something.

Plain Old Carol said...

This is very beautiful (and now that I've had a chance to really read your intent, Mary, I can appreciate the work even more. Re what Luka said, I think the colors in the photos are exaggerated and not at all the way we - or at least I - see what is outside my body. And - San Francisco? Gets my New York dander up! S.F. has too good a rep, far as I'm concerned. Anyway, re the enhanced color of the work, no negative criticism intended; art always (well, maybe not always) plays around with reality. Blah.

Mary Sargent said...

Hm. This is what I think. That when you isolate something, you heighten its impact. In this photograph, I had the red door in view and took maybe 8-10 shots of it (oh, the joy of digital). I was waiting for people wearing colorful clothes to walk by, which is not so easy in mid-town, so when I saw the lady in aqua, I was happy. So I got the shot and then later I cropped it. Now you, walking down the street probably wouldn't even see this because you wouldn't be leaning against a street pole looking across the street staring straight at the door. If you did happen to see it, you'd also have in your vision a lot of other stuff which dissipates the effect. So what I'm trying to say is, it's there, but not so easy to see. Isn't the artist always saying "Look at this!"

(By the way, as evidence that this color wasn't much enhanced, look at the washed out color on the sign in front of the door.)

luka said...

News Flash: San Francisco has houses painted different colors.

Plain Carol said...

Well, thank you, LUKA, for the flash. My general depressive state washes out color, I guess.

Mary, I guess artists do say, "Look at this." Lame response on my part to what you said. Will amplify, maybe, in another b.