Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Murray Hill, 33rd Street Between Third and Second Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2006

The last red door photograph in this group. I came close to discarding this in the beginning, but I kept looking at it and ended up really liking it. It has sort of a Renaissance feel to me. It's not symmetrical, but it feels symmetrical. And rational and quiet. Plaza like. Anybody know what I mean? Again, please enlarge.

Note: the white car in the foreground is totally necessary.


Frank Carol said...

Concur on white car-necessity. And what is becoming essential to me now is that I must see these photos every day! Ever think of putting on two a day? Just an idea. I like this photo but it's not one of my favorites.

Mary Sargent said...

frank carol, thanks for the appreciation. Can't do two a day. Doing one is all I can manage. House a mess, friends neglected and so on.

Wisegirl Karyl said...

Mary, after I got home yesterday, after having nagged you about more! more!, I entertained some guilty feelings about my nagging.

Having said that, well, maybe you'll mull over my suggestion and take it up after you have hired a housekeeper (forget about the friends).

flyinglady said...

Why is the white car necessary? I'd like to see what the photograph would look like with a gray concrete lake in front without interruption.

Plain Old Carol R. said...

I must say that I like what Flying Lady says (I like most of her comments - original phrasing, if she doesn't mind my judging them). I'll have to mull over why I agree with you that the white car is necessary (maybe it's not that it is a car, but that anything white would have been necessary?). Can't spend computer (library) time on this now but will get back to you after due mulling.