Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tribeca, Ericsson Place

Mary Sargent © 2006

Turning west onto Ericsson, I ran into clumps of people looking like they’re focused on one thing: The Subway. Isn’t this a strange shot? Isn’t that probably the most ridiculous door in all of New York? For that building, I mean. And the green light? And those two people, looking like they’re walking in a trough. I must say, I really love it.

Ericsson Place, by the way, is one block long. If I’m reading my map correctly, it inserts itself into Beach Street, which can hardly spare the space, it being only one very short block on either side. Don’t glaze over; this is important!


Carol said...

(I'm already glazed over - not due to your blog, though.) Wonderful photo - you are making this city yours, Ms. S. I, for one, intend to visit some of the sites of your photos, and compare and contrast, or whatever. Thanks for bringing the city to us - no wear and tear on my shoes.

Anonymous said...

Ilove this picture which has so much to say. Since I'm not quite sure what that is, I definitly will visit it again.