Thursday, August 31, 2006

West Village, Cornelia Street

Mary Sargent © 2006

Another shot on Cornelia Street.

I’m becoming more observant since beginning this blog, but I still need to work on it. I can’t picture where this shot is located on the street. Or for that matter, the last shot or the next shot. And the street is only one block long. And I’ve walked it dozens of times. I’m like the autistic author of Animals in Translation (a WONDERFUL book, if you haven’t read it, rush out and get it right away), who sees the details, but not the whole picture.

The author's name is Temple Grandin; she's quite remarkable and appealing.


flyinglady said...

This is just beautiful. All that grayish white. So Mediterranean. Lovely composition. And there are my little alien friends coming up out of the sidewalk. I love it in every way.

luka said...

This goes in "the perfect pictures" category.

Barbara said...

This picture needs some translation. Actually Siamese Sprinkler Standpipes are extra terrestrials. Although they are charming, friendly and cute, they are also illusive. The reason you can’t remember where on the street you saw them is that they pop up for a while and then disappear. I am sure you’ve seen very similar ones on other streets.

Raz said...

Reminds me of that famous painter's work, the one whose name - Italian it is - escapes my fevered brain right now - you know, he paints bottles lined up, bottles, more bottles - OH: Morandi! Or am I stretching just a bit...?