Friday, September 01, 2006

West Village, Cornelia Street

Mary Sargent © 2006

And here’s the last one on Cornelia Street. Three is enough for one little block! And this one is almost too pretty to put up. Or maybe it is too pretty. Anyone think it’s too pretty?

Mary Sargent © 2006

Map update. I am making progress and I must say my ambition intensifies. Sometimes I stand in front of the map lusting for more streets. How can I walk more, more? Now I’m trying to fill in the square around my office bounded by 23rd Street, Fifth Avenue, 34th Street and the East River. I should have finished that by October 1. At the same time, I want a LONG street, like Eleventh Avenue between 23rd Street and 65th, or Broadway between 180 and 120 Streets. Not so likely. Not by October 1.


luka said...

The composition trumps the 'prettiness.' It's so fine, you don't notice pretty. Your compositions are getting more and more pristine, I think.

tomatita said...

excuse me but I don't know how to express everything I'm thinking. It's not my language, I'm from Spain.

I have been reading and seeing into your blog and please, no more cars.
Your pictures looks great but, no more cars, please. It's so tired.

Te lo dire en español, que es mejor: hay fotos que parecen estupendas, pero por favor, no mas coches, no más encuadres casuales. No resulta.

Un saludo.

flyinglady said...

Not too pretty at all. I never would have thought that. It has such a pale loveliness about it and it's so finely wrought. And now I see Cornelia Street in a different light.

Barbara said...

The photo is a delightful confection! And I am partial to bicycles.