Tuesday, October 10, 2006

West Harlem, 125th Street, Broadway to Hudson River

Mary Sargent © 2006 …………………………….. click to enlarge

This shot was taken through a glass window on the elevated subway stop at 125th Street, which accounts for the splotch and light streaks. I'm thinking these horizontal streaks actually make this a better photo, anyone agree? Or not? But you must enlarge it, or it's not even worth discussing.

125th Street is the southern border of Harlem at this point, so I wasn't actually in Harlem on Saturday. I walked south into Morningside Heights.


Tom said...

The streaks certainly add to the photo - no question. They work well with the arches on the bridge in the background. I really like this one.

Carol Barbara Rads. said...

The streaks are great! What a beautiful, evocative photo. Makes my heart sing (and that's usually not easy). Reminds me somehow of a painting of an old Nederlandish city, photo dated October 23, 1561 (well, only kidding about the date).

I wanna do a city photo blog, too!

flyinglady said...

Seems like I'm in parallel universes, seeing things that I normally can't. So many layers and patterns. Fantastical and mysterious. I'd like to see a very large print.

luka said...

Yes, the streaks add to the horizonal sun/shade motif.