Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Morningside Heights, Broadway Between Tiemann Place and La Salle Street

Mary Sargent © 2006 …………… ……………….. click to enlarge

Morningside Heights is defined (roughly) as the area with a northern border at 125th Street, eastern at Morningside Drive, southern at 110th Street and western at Riverside Drive, and it is the home of many institutions, including Columbia University, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Riverside Church, St. Luke's Hospital and Tom's Restaurant. Small but packed. I'm not much taken with it as a neighborhood, but there are many things to see and some nice photographs to be had.

Tiemann Place is one block down from 125th Street, and this little beauty, no institution, is called Sounds. I'm tempted to come back and see how it looks at night. No! Must forge ahead. Many streets to go.

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Old Carol Girl said...

Funny how the red rope makes the photo (at least for me)! Keep wanting to reach out and unhook it.