Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Midtown, 35th Street Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2006 ……………........…….. click to enlarge

Well, I lost two beautiful walking days last weekend, due to a miserable cold. I didn't leave my apartment the whole weekend. So yesterday, Monday, I desperately needed to shoot, but on my lunch break, I had to go to Staples on 34th to get printer cartridges, so could only manage ONE block: 35th Street between Fifth and Sixth, walking west and then back east, same block.

If I had time, I'd do every block that way; it's surprising how different things look on the other side of the street, walking in the other direction. I ended up with 11 photographs from that one block that I'd like to show, looking like they could each be from a different block. I'll pare it down of course. But here's a good one to start off.


flyinglady said...

What an enticing bowlful of candy.

Anonymous said...

Le camion a de superbe couleur.
Je suis ok, pour une ballade de block à block. J'ais l'impression d'être à NYC.

The truck has superb color. I am ok, for a ballade of block with block. I board impression to be with NYC.

Ol' Car said...

(It's good to see Olivier's French; brings me back to French from 7th grade through college and reminds me of inability to read it, though I could kind of read his comments.)

These are superb photos. Nothing more inneresting to say today.

Barbara said...

Very Snappy!