Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hell's Kitchen, 46th Street Between Ninth and Eighth Avenues

Mary Sargent © 2006 ………………….......………….. click to enlarge

Now we're back into civilization. You can tell because here there be restaurants. In fact, this block is called Restaurant Row, and I'm sorry I can't tell you how many restaurants on it, but I didn't think of counting them at the time. A lot of pre-theater business.

See map.


flyinglady said...

Now this is really yummy.

Pierre said...

Excellent blog idea! I think that I'm going to follow you in your everydays walks... :)

Tom said...

Great color - pinks and reds and aquas and green and then just to top it off a flash of yellow. Got to love those colors.

luka said...

I love this block. I always think I'm going to come back and eat at all those restaurants. But then I just get my hair cut and forget about them til next time.

Did you ever notice that you think this is just a block for you to walk down and nobody else? Like, I know you get your hair cut down the end of this block where I get my hair cut. But I never think of you walking down that block thinking of coming back to eat at all of the restaurants. I just think maybe Mary will meet me here, like this block won't have any meaning to anyone but me. Know what I mean? I mean it's MY city, dammit. And thanks for taking pictures of all my blocks for me.

Loopyrool said...

!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Barbara said...

I don't know how you get the people in your shots to coordinate their outfits - the sweater and cap are just the right colors.