Monday, November 06, 2006

West Village, Seventh Avenue South at Bleecker Street

Mary Sargent © 2006 …………………………… click to enlarge

A few years ago, I was thinking of doing a photo series of psychic parlors. They seemed archaic to me, out of time, and I couldn't imagine how so many of them managed to pay their rent, but they were everywhere, and in all kinds of neighborhoods. So I took some photos, but never did the series. Because –

Well, two things. The main thing was that most of the photographs were not that interesting. Second, as the world turns more and more fundamentalist and anti-science, they don't seem that remarkable anymore. Just a sign of the times. Hello, Dark Ages.

Note: the guy in the far right of the photo is the guy from last night's post, making his way down Seventh Avenue South.


Psychic-disbelieving Carol said...

Competitive as I am, I love being the first to comment (not that being first is always the best position, of course--I am also prone to qualifying everything I write). Anyway, to get to the photo: Like the post-Halloween colors. Would not have noticed, particularly, the "Psychic" sign, had you not pointed it out. Love your statement, M. Keep the light of science shining, moth-ridden as it is, whatever THAT means.

Tom said...

I really like this one - a lot going on. I like the spots of light throughout -- the lights on the building, on top of the truck, cabs headlights, walk sign -- seem to tie the busy scene together.

Barbara said...

I'm struck by the perspective. The shot seems to be taken with the camera about wheel height. Or maybe from prone on a car seat.