Sunday, November 05, 2006

West Village, Barrow Street Between West 4th and Seventh Avenue South

Mary Sargent © 2006 ………………………… click to enlarge

The West Village is part of Greenwich Village, from Sixth Avenue to the Hudson River, the other borders being 14th Street and Houston Street. Greenwich Village, in addition to the West Village, includes the area to the east, to "roughly" Broadway, according to Wikipedia. In the West Village are the old winding, confusing streets, which were in existence from the beginning, long before the Commissioners' Plan of 1811 created the street grid. See map.

I notice, looking at the map, that it doesn't look THAT confusing. If you haven't been there, you'll have to take my word for it. If you have, you know. The rest of Greenwich Village, Sixth Avenue to Broadway. does conform to the grid and seems more stately and less Village like.

By the way, one problem with using MapQuest as a reference is that it appears to position the maps according to some crazy concept of true north. All New Yorkers know that the avenues run north-south and the streets run east-west regardless of this so-called true north. Try to disregard the slant.


Robert said...

I'm fascinated at what you've captured here. A barrow boy on Barrow Street. A very successful British business acquaintance of mine quit school at 12 years old to work as a barrow boy in London.

Mary Sargent said...

How interesting. I was not familiar with the term, looked it up in, which said: - noun British a man or boy who sells wares from a barrow; costermonger.

Just to be super informative, a costermonger sells fruits and vegetables from a barrow.

But, too bad, going by that definition, he probably doesn't qualify as a barrow boy because I think the goods he's carrying are recyclables and his personal belongings. Maybe some things to sell on a blanket on the street.

Crypticarol said...

This one is for me!

Robert said...

I think the term barrow boy is quite generic these days. I'd like to think he qualifies. I really like the image and this photo.