Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Murray Hill, Second Avenue Between 38th and 39th Streets

Mary Sargent © 2007…………………………………….. click to enlarge

This caught my eye because it is named Aquamarine, and yet, it is not aquamarine (bluish-green). Nor is it in any way evocative of water. It would be pretty to think that this is an homage to Jasper Johns who famously painted an area of color, say, red, and stenciled over it the word for a different color, say, blue. But farfetched.

I discovered online that this is a Japanese sushi restaurant which gets mixed reviews, e.g., lovely music v. ear drum breaking music, lovely ambience v. tries too hard to be hip. The food seems to be "okay", "not bad".

Notice Christmas tree.


Caroluni said...

A beauty, no? The floating "MTA", and those stately street lines leading back to the sidewalk.

I feel a bit odd and lonely on this blog these days, always busting the O into a 1 comment. Where are they? Moved to someplace without Internet? None o' my business, I guess. Such a nag.

arlene said...

There is a phenomenon called the "Stroop effect," which many psychological experiments use: it involves printing color names in the "wrong" colors (the word "blue" in red, for example) and asking the subject to name the color the word is printed in. Not what aquamarine had in mind, I'm sure.