Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Inwood, Broadway Between Isham and 212th Streets

Mary Sargent © 2007 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Now we've turned onto Broadway, facing the downtown section of Inwood. Looks like any small town downtown, especially with the trees of Fort Tryon Park in the distance, no sign of big city buildings anywhere. However, once you see the subway entrance, barely visible through the clutter of bicycles and signs, you know you're not in Kansas. This is the mighty A Train, last stop, last stop.

I was suddenly struck by the fear that somewhere in Kansas, there was a subway, and I would be exposed as a provincial New Yorker, totally ignorant about the rest of the country, so I googled US subway systems in total confidence that a list would pop up. Well, lists do pop up, and I guess I got my answer in that Kansas was not on any of them, but I wasn't able to find out in my admittedly brief search exactly how many subway systems there are in the U.S. The problem is they're grouped in with other rapid transit systems.

Note the top right corner which shows the end of the street art from last night's posting.

And so, I boarded the mighty A train and rode it to 168th Street where we'll take up tomorrow night.

In other news, we had our first snow storm of the year today and I wish I had a photo to show, but this was not one of those snows that make your heart lift when you walk outside; it was a mean one with winds beating sleet into your face. Not good for the camera. But later, I realized I might have gotten some good shots from the subway at its elevated stops. I'll note for next time.

See map.

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Cleverrool said...

Kansas strikes fear in me, too (I know, I know - you didn't say that it was the thought of Kansas itself that struck fear...but I'mma trying to be funny.

Re the photo -This is top on my list of favorite photos on this blog. I love the mild, creamy upper left and the delicate lines, as contrasted with the jumble of lines and objects in the right (and in the rest of the photo). Lots of levels touched on in this one.