Thursday, November 15, 2007

West Village, West 4th Street at Sheridan Square

Mary Sargent © 2007 …………………………………….. click to enlarge

Okay, I'm still not current. It rained all day today. Tomorrow, for sure. This was taken one year ago, November 14th. It looks awfully late, but I had just gone downtown after work to get some chocolate at Varsano's which I've already carried on about.

Which reminds me . . . I'm due for a visit.

Across the street is Boxers, a bar/restaurant that no longer exists. I remember the dismay I felt when I first saw it had closed. At night, it was too crowded and noisy for my taste, but in the middle of the day, it was a quiet, low key spot and the perfect place to stop for lunch after shopping at Varsano's and sit by the window and think about how great it was not to be at work.

The thing is, I only discovered that a couple of years ago and only did it twice. Did you ever notice how if there's something you do that you like and you do it at least twice, in later years (or months) you say something like, "That was a great place, I used to go there for lunch . . . " and it sounds like you did it all the time?

See map.

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Annoying Blogger said...

Nope, never noticed that. Magical photo, though, and how come you didn't blog it until now? Can "blog" be a verb? Well, we're all out of school and make our own rules and no one will grade us on what we say, except for that little teacher who remains in each head (well, at least in mine) and who tuts! tuts! at run-on sentences and use of nouns as verbs.

Getting back to the stairs photo, I've just eaten the most delicious tiramisu alive and now must climb some stairs or I'll end up with even bigger saddlebags than I now have only kidding you understand but actually am not. This is an annoying blog comment, I believe.