Friday, September 12, 2008

Chinatown, Bayard Street Between Elizabeth and Mott Streets

Mary Sargent © 2008 ………… click to enlarge

After we left Mosco Street, I turned my camera off. I was getting sick from an over-abundance of riches. Like eating too much candy. I had to turn it back on, though, to catch this shot of the Ice Cream Factory where we stopped for ice cream cones. We had walked by on a frigid day in February when the line was out the door. Now, on a beautiful warm day, no line at all. Go figure. I had coconut, Bill had ginger. This isn't really top of the line ice cream, but it just feels more right than going to the Hagen Daz store. And the flavors are more right.

Okay, that's it for Chinatown. About time. Even though I posted multiple shots, I ran over my two week limit. Sorry!

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