Monday, September 28, 2009

Civic Center, Park Row at Pearl Street

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This is Chatham Green, Inc., a co-op built in 1962. Francis Marrone in his Architectural Guidebook to New York City in seeming approval, called it "an undulating Great Wall of Chinatown."

Apparently they are floor-throughs. Wow. Windows and balconies in every room and cross ventilation.

I lived in a floor-through in Carroll Gardens which was awful in every respect except for the cross ventilation. It almost made it worth it. I think of it now with a pang of loss, knowing I will never have that again.

So I priced an apartment in Chatham Green, about the size of mine in Inwood, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 800 square feet, thinking, why don't I just sell my apartment and move downtown? Like, just trade. The answer, of course, is everything costs more downtown. Prohibitively more. Just as well. Their ceilings look awfully low.

See map.

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