Monday, September 28, 2009

Civic Center, Pearl Street Between Park Row and Madison Street

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This is Police Headquarters, built in 1973 by Gruzen and Partners. The AIA Guide says it is one of the "most urbane civic buildings since the City Hall of 1812," but then goes on to say it's "largely because of its elegant . . . plaza . . ." More about that plaza on another walk (in fact, one I took today). This is the back of the building and when I took this shot, I wasn't even aware of the plaza.

But as for the building itself, it just doesn't say "police" to me. It's almost too cute. Or something. Can't you see it as a piece of furniture?

Mary Sargent © 2009 ………………..….. click to enlarge

Here, we see past the Headquarters to the Municipal Building and the U.S. Courthouse. I don't know what that low building with the aqua bands is; I haven't even seen it before, but I'll find out.

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And here on the other side is the clearest view I've had yet of a new building going up.

I asked a guard sitting in one of those little stations if he knew what it's going to be.  He said some people think it's going to be dorms and some people think maybe it's part of the hospital, but he, himself, thinks it'll probably be housing since it's so tall.  He says, it just keeps going.  He says it's really going to change the area.

See map.

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