Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Upper West Side, 83rd Street Between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues

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Well, look at this.  Blogger is broke for the moment, well, for the last two days, actually, and everyone is reporting they can't post their photos from Picasa in the usual way.  This one got here in a workaround and I can't format it as I usually do, with the text starting out underneath.  That's why last night's photo had no text.  Last night I was newly frustrated and finally just gave up.  But tonight I gave in.

New walk, at last! Blue skies! Mild weather! Well, it felt that way at first. After therapy on West 86th Street, I stopped by the post office on 83rd Street and mailed my last Christmas present. Done! Then I walked 83rd to Central Park West, up to 84th and back to Broadway, although I stopped photographing at Amsterdam and 84th. I was cold. Yes, I know it was in the 30's and people were walking around with their coats unbuttoned, but it was windy, and after you're out in it for a while, your bare fingers start feeling icy.

This shot was taken after I left the post office. That's the post office garage next to the school playground.

1/22/10 - Yay, Blogger is fixed.  So I reformatted this post so it doesn't look all funny any more.

See map.

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